Here is one individuals experience with heartburn. Hope it helps you too!

I wanted to share with you some easy methods to cure heartburn. There are a lot of people out there that suffer from this problem and never really look at it as a bad problem. For the most part heartburn isn’t an issue if it happens now and then, but if you’re someone that seems to get it everyday, than you’re causing some pretty serious damage. Stomach acid is getting into your esophagus and it will burn. It will burn your esophagus away and there’s no way of getting a new one. This is why it is so important to take care of this problem before it turns into a recurrence. I’m going to share with you the easy methods to cure heartburn.

The root cause of this is stomach acid and you need to learn to control it. The main reason people have this problem is that they eat too much. Your stomach is of a limited size and about half of it has acid in it. When you fill it, your acid levels get pushed higher and higher, to the point that they overflow and get into the esophagus. In this case, all you have to do is eat smaller meals more often. It will keep your acid levels at a balanced level all day long.

Credit for this article goes to Elle Nash. Thank You Elle – Dr Ari Klein



The Kanzius Machine: A Cancer Cure?  

John Kanzius, a man with no background in science or
medicine, has come up with what may be one of the most
promising breakthroughs in cancer research in years.
What’s more, he did it with his wife's pie pans. 

Kanzius is a former businessman and radio technician
who built a radio wave machine that has cancer
researchers so enthusiastic about its potential that
they're pouring money and effort into testing it out. 

If clinical trials pan out -- and admittedly, there's
still a long way to go -- the Kanzius machine will
destroy cancer cells all through your body without the
need for drugs or surgery ... and without any side

Six years ago, Kanzius was diagnosed with terminal
leukemia, and since then has undergone 36 rounds of
toxic chemotherapy. He decided there had to be a
better way. One night, Kanzius got out of bed, went to
the kitchen, and started to build a radio wave machine
out of modified pie pans. He eventually spent $200,000
building a more advanced version.

The machine sends radio waves from one box to another,
creating enough energy to activate gas in a
fluorescent light. Since metal heats up when it's
exposed to high-powered radio waves, if a tumor was
injected with some kind of metal, it can be destroyed
with a focused radio wave beam.

Doctors can inject nanoparticles made of metal
directly into a tumor, and then cook the tumor to
death using Kanzius’ device without harming
surrounding tissue. It is hoped that, by using special
molecules that are programmed to target cancer cells
and attach nanoparticles to them, the machine will
eventually be able to target even microscopic cells
throughout the body.

CBS News April 13, 2008

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 Dr. Mercola's Comments:
At first glance, this article might make you think
we’ve entered some brand new era where conventional
medicine has joined hands with an open-minded media
and decided it’s time to embrace non-lethal cancer
treatments with zero dangerous side effects.  

Not so fast. I wouldn’t pop open the expensive bubbly
just yet. 

What’s So “Great” About the Kanzius Machine? 

It’s a well-established fact that conventional
medicine shuns inexpensive, non-invasive, all-natural,
side-effect-free cancer treatments, no matter how much
they protest such claims. Actions speak louder than
words in this case. 

So what is it about the Kanzius machine that has
scientists so excited? After all, it’s not exactly the
first of its kind. Similar devices have been created –
in some cases decades ago -- by the likes of Raymond
Rife, Dr. Hulda Clark, Dr. Carpenter, and Dr. John

The main difference is that the Kanzius machine
requires nanoparticles to achieve its goal, and what
self-respecting scientist of the 21st Century could
resist a device that would finally put the
nanoparticle into every modern treatment facility?
And, at a wholesale price of $250 per 20 ml of
nanoparticles, this treatment, if it works – side
effects be damned – will be a guaranteed money

How much money are we talking about? 

I honestly don’t know. Markups on medical supplies and
drugs can vary wildly from hospital to hospital, as
many use “proprietary formulas” to arrive at their
prices, but after a quick review of an expose’ article
from 2004 on medical billing, it’s probably safe to
say that the price you’d pay for nanoparticles would
be anywhere between 7 to 15 times the wholesale cost,
at minimum, putting 20 ml in the neighborhood of
$1,750 to $3,750. 

Call me jaded, but the fact that a retired radio
technician, without a shred of medical background, is
given credit for finding “a possible cure to cancer,”
when esteemed doctors and scientists have been
shunned, imprisoned, and driven out of business for
finding alternative cancer cures that actually work,
is so preposterous you’d have to be born yesterday to
believe there’s no hidden agenda.  

The Kanzius machine can create a new, very EXPENSIVE
cancer treatment. That’s why scientists are
high-fiving Mr. Kanzius and each other. 

Whether or not it will be without dangerous side
effects is an entirely different story. However, I
sincerely doubt it, considering how this technique is
supposed to work.  

Please note, that the ONLY person claiming this
technique to be completely safe and without side
effects is Mr. Kanzius himself -- based on the “test”
of putting his hand into the radio signal field and
not suffering any apparent damage. Please. Somebody
explain to me why reporters are not required to master
independent, critical thinking anymore. 

Cancer Cures – A History of Persecution 

There are numerous examples of well-educated,
innovative doctors and scientists who have created
alternative cancer treatments, and whose results can
blow conventional treatments out of the water any day
of the week.  

However, none of them have been able to reap any major
rewards for their work. Instead, they’ve been
persecuted, prosecuted or simply ridiculed into a
corner of medicine commonly referred to as “quackery.”

Here’s a sampling of innovators with slightly more
credentials than radio technology: 

Gaston Naessens – Dr. Naessens treatment is based on
the theory that cancer is caused by a friendly
microorganism called somatids ("little bodies") --
which are present in all cells -- that becomes
unfriendly. His formula, 714X, provides nitrogen to
the cancer cells, thus causing this microorganism to
cease excreting their toxic compounds, and mobilize
your immune system to kill the cancer cells. He was
subsequently put on trial for his cancer discoveries.

Raymond Rife – Rife used resonance to kill viruses and
cancer cells. By increasing the intensity of a
frequency that resonates naturally with each microbe,
the Rife machine increases their natural oscillations
until they distort and disintegrate from structural
stress. Rife called this frequency 'the mortal
oscillatory rate,' or 'MOR', and it was found to do no
harm to surrounding healthy tissues. 

 Stanislaw Burzynski -- Dr. Burzynski, founder of the
Houston-based Burzynski Institute, treats cancer
patients with substances called antineoplastons. He
was indicted by a grand jury in 1995 for his use of
antineoplastons– his second trial that year. He was

Hulda Clark – Dr. Clark has invented several devices,
such as the Syncrometer and the Zapper, that scans and
eliminates parasites, bacteria, viruses and toxins
through positive offset frequencies.

Antonella Carpenter -- Dr. Carpenter at LaseMed Inc.
has an FDA approved cancer treatment called LIESH
therapy (Light Induced Enhanced Selective
Hyperthermia), using a proprietary photo-dynamic form
of laser. Her technology is not embraced by the AMA,

John Holt – Operating out of The Radiowave Clinic in
Australia for the past 30 years, Dr. Holt’s treatment
consists of an intravenious dose of "glycolytic
metabolic inhibitors" (GMI) -- agents that disrupt the
metabolism of cancer cells -- immediately prior to
exposure to radiowaves of 434 MHz in the ultra-high
frequence (UHF) band.

Ryke Geerd Hamer – Dr. Hamer’s “German New Medicine”
(GNM), operates under the premise that every disease,
including cancer, originates from an unexpected shock
experience, and that all disease can be cured by
resolving these underlying emotional traumas. Despite
a 95 percent success rate, Dr. Hamer has spent time in
prison for refusing to disavow his medical findings
and stop treating his patients with his unorthodox
techniques, and is currently living in exile, seeking
asylum from persecution.
Might the Kanzius Machine be a Safe Alternative? 

I believe there are a variety of factors involved that
would need to be answered before anyone can really
make a determination about its safety. 

What radio wave frequencies are used? Are they similar
to the frequencies of healthy cells? (Considering the
premise of the machine is to heat metal particles, not
to oscillate the cancer cells to death like the Rife
machine, for example.) 

How are the nanoparticles removed or excreted from
your body after treatment?  

Will your immune system accept billions of foreign
nanoparticles floating around in your blood stream, or
will it go into overdrive, rendering you more open to
other infections and illnesses? 

And, contrary to Mr. Kanzius hand-in-the-radio
field-test, is it really possible to submit the human
body to radio waves strong enough to heat metal
particles within, without doing damage to healthy
cells? This is one of my biggest question marks, as
there is an ever growing body of research showing just
how dangerous exposure to radio waves can be, even
from non-thermal exposure sources such as wi-fi and
cell phones. If you need a refresher, please see How
Cellphone Radiation Affects Your Cells. 

Personally, I’m skeptical.  

And I firmly believe that even if it does turn out to
be a viable treatment that is safer than chemotherapy,
it will not be a more inexpensive option.

How to Virtually Eliminate Your Risk of Cancer,

I believe these relatively simple risk reduction
strategies can help you to VIRTUALLY ELIMINATE your
cancer risk, and radically improve your chances of
recovering from cancer if you currently have it. 

You won’t read or hear much about these elsewhere
because they have not been formally "proven" by
conservative researchers. However, were you aware that
85 percent of therapies currently recommended by
conventional medicine have never been formally proven
either? That’s something to think about.

Reduce your processed food, sugar and grain
carbohydrate intake 

Control your fasting insulin and leptin levels 

Normalize your ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 fats 

Get regular exercise 

Normalize your vitamin D levels and vitamin A levels
by getting plenty of sunlight exposure  and consider
careful supplementation when this is not possible. If
you take oral vitamin D and have a cancer, it would be
very prudent to monitor your vitamin D blood levels

Get a good night's sleep 

Eat according to your nutritional type. The potent
anti-cancer effects of this principle are very much
underappreciated. When we treat cancer patients in our
clinic this is one of the most powerful anti-cancer
strategies we have 

Reduce your exposure to environmental toxins like
pesticides, household chemical cleaners, synthetic air
fresheners and air pollution 

Limit your exposure and provide protection for
yourself from information carrying radio waves
produced by cell phone towers, base stations, phones
and WiFi stations 

Avoid frying or charbroiling your food. Boil, poach or
steam your foods instead 

Have a tool to permanently reprogram  the neurological
short-circuiting that can activate cancer genes. Even
the CDC states that 85 percent of disease is caused by
emotions. It is likely that this factor may be more
important than all the other physical ones listed
here, so make sure this is addressed. Energy
psychology seems to be one of the best approaches and
my particular favorite tool, as you may know, is the
Emotional Freedom Technique

Make sure you get to and remain at a healthy weight.
If you are having problems with eating the right foods
and exercising regularly, try the hypnosis program for
weight that I recommend.



Nowadays artificial “brains” aren’t something unusual and scientists are working on building them smaller. Now they’ve managed to create a molecular device that’s only two billionths of a meter across and has been tested on eight microscopic machines, controlling them simultaneously, with success.This new device is planned to be used in next generation computer processors and also medicine, like surgeries. Dr. Anirban Bandyopadhyay from the International Center for Young Scientists, Tsukuba, Japan stated that “If you want to remotely operate on a tumour you might want to send some molecular machines there,” but this only will be possible after the artificial “brains” will become more advanced and pass a lot of tests, because we can’t just use them on humans to risk their lives.

Still, this device cannot operate on it’s own and it still needs human control, but Dr. Bandyopadhyay says in the future that would be possible and the artificial “brains” may be able to control nanobots.

Every computer brain is made from 17 molecules of chemical duroquinone, each molecule being called a logic device and resembles a ring with four protruding spokes that can be rotated to represent four different states, independently. At the center of every ring sits a duroquinone molecule and the ring is formed by the others 16, connected by hydrogen bonds. Control molecule’s state from the center is switched using the STM ( scanning tunnelling microscope ).Artificial brain

The researchers managed to change the central molecule’s state and the states of the surrounding 16 molecules simultaneously, allowing four billion different possible combinations. Dr. Bandyopadhyay stated: “We instruct only one molecule and it simultaneously and logically instructs 16 others at a time.”

The machines built using those computer brains will be able to process up to 16 bits of information simultaneously, while CPUs can only process one instruction at a time. Also the researchers said they’ve already managed to built much more faster machines, that are able of up to 1024 simultaneous operations. But unfortunately making a workable computer would be extremely difficult at the moment, according to Professor Andrew Adamatzky of the University of the West England.

Computer brainProfessor Andrew Afamtzky also stated that “as with other implementations of unconventional computers the application is very limited, because they operate using scanning tunnel microscopy. I am sure with time such molecular CPUs can be integrated in molecular robots, so they will simply interact with other molecular parts autonomously.” So this computer brains are working, but there’s a lot of improvement to do until we will be able to use it in medicine or computing.

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First, we’ve got to break the bad news: If you haven’t heard yet, a major new study claims that the depression-treating drug Prozac has exactly zero effect on most of its 40 million patients. Turns out, depressed patients who’ve been taking a daily dose to cure their blues would achieve the same effect through swallowing a simple placebo. According to the surprising results, in order to feel better, you don’t need chemicals to change your mood: It’s mind over medicine.So, if you’re ready to ditch the drugs, what can you do to get happy? A new review from the Cochrane Collaboration may have the key to beating the blues: Just crank up some tunes.According to the organization’s careful research of five recent studies, most individuals who listen to or create their own music under a specially-trained therapist’s guidance will see notable relief in the symptoms of their depression. The studies also found that most people who enrolled in a music therapy program were likely to stick with it for a long time – good evidence that they’re actually having fun with it.If you’re not ready to spring for a session with a licensed music therapist, you may seem similar results from taking the DIY path – as long as you choose the right sort of music to listen to.”There’s no universal piece of music that’s going to make everybody feel good,” music therapist Annie Heiderscheit told MinnPost.  “I encourage people to think of what they enjoy. At different times of the day, it might be different kinds of music….Trust your intuition.”
Be warned: Side effects may include uncontrollable smiling.
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bionic arm


26-year old Claudia Mitchell has become the first woman to get outfitted with a bionic arm, with which she’s able to perform functions simply by thinking about them. The arm was designed by researchers at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago and works by detecting the movement’s of Mitchell’s chest muscle, which has been rewired to the nerves that once served her left arm. Eventually, researchers say, the arm could even give Mitchell the sense of touch, with electrodes in the hand sending signals to her chest skin, which her brain would recognize as a sensation.

Your journey to health may require some extra wealth

Soundwave Therapy
Sound Therapy is a very ancient method of healing. Tibetan monks, for example, have used a method of “overtone chanting” for thousands of years for treating illness. The theory is that since everything in the universe is in a constant state of vibration, including the human body, even the smallest change in frequency can affect the internal organs.Modern sound therapists consider there is a natural resonance or “note” that is “right” for each part of the human body, and for each individual, so by directing specific sound waves to specific areas they can affect the frequency at which that part is vibrating and thereby restore it to balance and therefore health.
Sound therapy may utilize special machines that transmit “healing vibrations” (the British pioneer Peter Guy Manners has developed a system known as Cymatics that claims to do this). But more usually it involves direct application of the voice, music, or a variety of tonal sounds and sometimes a combination of all three.The work of voice teachers such as Chris James in Australia and Jill Purce in Britain has been influential in showing many people how to discover and use their natural voice through the use of sound tones. In the United States, musician Jonathan Goldman has developed the therapeutic use of music through instruments such as the drum, didjeridoo, and flute.Specifically directed sounds can be used in the treatment of a variety of disorders and have been particularly effective with mentally and physically handicapped children and adults.How Do I Get a Sound Therapy Balance?Simply log on to www.thehealinginternet.comCymaticsCymatics grew out of the early research by British doctor and osteopath Dr. Peter Manners into electromagnetic energy. Dr. Manners believes that every condition, illness, or psychological state can be treated or improved by the technique because it releases tension in the system and allows the mind and body to return to a state of equilibrium. Because it is based on scientific evidence and knowledge, it is used and appreciated by the medical profession. Cymatics is painless and has been adopted in many countries.Sound Therapy has been developed to stimulate the neural pathways into and within the brain. It was pioneered in the 1940’s by Alfred Tomatis, a French ear, nose and throat specialist.

Sound Therapy uses music, voice and nature sounds that have been specially filtered to enhance the sounds that are most effective in stimulating the brain’s processing regions -the high frequency overtones.

In recent years Ingo Steinbach, a German sound engineer, took the work of Tomatis, updated it with the latest recording technology, and developed SAMONAS Sound Therapy.

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